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water purifier

Doctors opinion, 80% of all human diseases like Cholerea, Diarrhoea, Gastro Enteritis, Jaundice, Typhoid, Constipation are all water born. Microbes like Vibrio-Cholerea, Salmonella Typhosa, Entamoeba, Histolytica etc. live happily in drinking water and if that water is drunk without treating it properly with a water purifier those bacteria due to their parasitic character start increasing their family within human body in geometric  progression.

water purifier

Dr. Edward keppler the senior most micro-biologist of World Health Organisation (WHO) expressed that most of the people of Asia, Africa and other under developed countries are attacked by the aforesaid diseases because of their carelessness regarding drinking water.It is very difficult to eliminate the above bacteria causing water born diseases by ordinary water purifier.

water purifier

Use Acquaclara RO Water Purifier for  Pure, Safe, Healthy and Tasty Purified Water. And Protect Your Family From Water Born Diseases. Acquaclara Ro water purifier is a very easy use product that helps you get great tasting water in any environment! Acquaclara RO Water Purifier "Shudh Bhi Sehatmand Bhi".



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Very few among the leading ro water purifier companies in India, are directly engaged in water treatment engineering, be it water treatment or waste water / effluent / sewage treatment.We have a wide variety of water treatment products and served numbers of leading corporate houses with our experience & expertise.To name a few of them Hindusthan Lever, Jindal (India), Tata Tea (Amalgamated Plantations), DABL (Kingfisher), Ajanta Bottlers (United Spirits Ltd), Adani Wilmar, Reliance Capital, Hotel Hindusthan International (HHI), Park Plaza, Taj Bengal, State Institute of Science Education, BSF, WBPPDCL, Hindusthan Construction Company (HCC), Health & Family Welfare Centre, Everest Paper Mills, Ruby General Hospital, Jabalpur Hospital & Research Centre, The Crescent Hospital, Chettinad Cement and many more…